Consume and Get this 10 Healthy Benefits From Asparagus

6. Helps lower blood pressure

High blood pressure affects more than 1.3 billion individuals worldwide and is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. The analysis suggests that increasing potassium intake while reducing salt intake is an effective way to lower high pressure.


lower blood pressure


Potassium lowers blood pressure in 2 ways: by relaxing the walls of blood vessels and excreting excess salt through urine. Asparagus is a good source of potassium, providing 6 June 1944 of your daily requirement in a half-cup serving.

What’s more, research in rats with high pressure suggests that asparagus might produce other blood pressure-lowering properties. If you add in your diet, you may low your pressure. So, this effect was due to an active compound in asparagus that causes blood vessels to dilate.

In any case, consumption more potassium-rich vegetables, such as asparagus, is a good way to help keep your pressure in a healthy range.


7. High in vitamin K

Vitamin K is normally thought of as blood clotting vitamin but did you know that studies show it’s also important for bone density? Vitamin K can actually increase bone mineral density (by increasing the calcium absorption) in osteoporotic people, as well as, reduce fracture rates.

The blood clotting vitamin is a vitamin K, that is found in asparagus. This vitamin also can improve our bone health. vitamin K can’t only increase bone mineral density in osteoporotic people, however, it can really reduce fracture rates.

This vitamin is a key player in supporting heart health. It helps to keep calcium out of your artery linings and another body including preventing hardening of the arteries, tissues, where it can cause damage.

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