Broccoli – 12 Healthy Benefits


6. Healthier Digestion System

Well, this benefit of broccoli is really obvious since broccoli is one of the rich-fibers foods. So, broccoli has the fiber content that forms both soluble and insoluble, that is extremely good to take care of your digestive health without breaking down the nutrients that contained in the body.

Broccoli also aids in digestion by helping to stay your stomach lining healthy. The sulforaphane in broccoli helps keep the stomach bacteria Helicobacter pylori from becoming overgrown or clinging too strongly to the stomach wall.


Healthy digestive system


7. Works Against Inflammation

Broccoli florets exert antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting nitric oxide, that plays a role in inflammatory responses. Broccoli has a rich source of kaempferol and isothiocyanates, that are the anti-inflammatory phytonutrients.

The kaempferol is pretty useful to inhibit the impact of allergy-related substances in our body, particularly in the intestine tract, while isothiocyanates will help to control the inflammation.

In young male smokers, broccoli consumption could reduce the levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), that may be a blood test marker for inflammation. Broccoli can be included in your arthritis diet as vitamin-K in it reduces inflammatory markers in the blood.

Also, help to reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis as a result of this chemical can block the enzymes that cause the joint destructions.


8. Keeps Your Bones Healthy

The calcium is very important in maintaining your bone health. Make sure that your body gets adequate calcium by adopting a nutritional diet.

The benefit of broccoli for our bone is thanks to its high content of Ca, that it contains 47 mg per 100 grams the great news is that calcium in vegetables like broccoli is very well absorbed. Besides calcium, broccoli is a wonderful source of vitamin K, which is important for bones.


healthy bones


Broccoli is extremely helpful for the kids, old people, and pregnant women, because contains various nutrients that may be helpful for the density of the bone like magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. Broccoli contains high amounts of vitamin K. This vitamin K is extremely crucial to carboxylated the protein.

Meanwhile, the osteocalcin should be in the forms of the process so that the osteocalcin can be transferred into bone. Researchers found out that osteocalcin is helpful to strengthen your bones, and also prevent bone cracks and fracture.

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